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Ars electronica

I have contributed to projects of the Ars electronica, Linz, Austria, in various forms.

TimeSpace – Vienna Airport (2012)

“The peaks and valleys of ZeitRaum (TimeSpace) are formed by the latest takeoffs and landings at Vienna International Airport. Every passenger entering ZeitRaum triggers the release of a cloud of letters that rain down upon this terrain. Texts about TimeSpace authored by scientists and literati gradually accrue like a layer of snow—each one an invitation to embark on a personal, imaginary journey of one’s own. On your way to your departure gate and in the waiting areas, you’ll encounter more invitations of this sort.” (aec)

> Timespace e-Book

Ars electronica Brainlab – Linz (2009)

“Decision-making processes in the brain are lightening fast and often proceed unconsciously. Explaining how this works is the aim of several different research fields—from the neurosciences to artificial intelligence all the way to psychology. The human brain has developed over millions of years; numerous instincts and patterns of behavior that have been useful for human beings over the course of our evolution are still present. The activity of the eyes provides an excellent picture of how our brain reacts to its surroundings. The “Eyetracker” recognizes which points our eyes concentrate on (fixation) and how long we look at individual points (duration). This makes it possible to investigate, for example, how we perceive billboards, commercials and websites, which content elements we pay attention to and which we overlook.” (aec)

> At first sight

Human Nature – Festival for Art, Technology, And Society (2009)

Talk & Round Table: Bernhard Fink, Shinsuke Shimojo, Lawrence Malstaf

> Human Nature conference

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